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Challenging the Mystery Mongers

Paolo Viscardi

Monday, September 1 2014 at 7:30PM

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40-42 Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8BG

Paolo Viscardi

What's the talk about?

From aliens and holy fish to False Widow spiders, interest in the unfamiliar can whip up a storm of speculation and spectacle. But cutting through hype, assumptions and misinformation is essential when you're trying to uncover the truth.

A new talk from Paolo Viscardi who explores some weird reporting from the past and present - using scientific methods and museum collections to get beneath the surface of the hype.

Paolo is a natural history curator at the Horniman Museum and Gardens in south east London. He is Chair of the Natural Sciences Collections Association and was Scientific Consultant for the BBC television series Secrets of Bones. In his spare time Paolo blogs, gives talks and helps run an online biology Q&A site, Ask A Biologist.