London Skeptics in the Pub is an award winning lecture series. We cover science, technology, history, philosophy and related current affairs. We meet (usually) on the third Tuesday of the month to hear a speaker and join in a Q&A.

We've always been open to people from every background and have never been aimed specifically at self-labelled 'skeptics' - even though they are a majority of the audience. We also get a large proportion of interested people, including open-minded alternative medicine practitioners, conspiracy theorists and other people who just like to debate facts and the nature of evidence.

We work hard to make London Skeptics in the Pub an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone. We won’t tolerate any kind of prejudice or any behaviour that makes people uncomfortable, either at our events or on our social media. There may be times when we miss something so we encourage anyone to tell us if there is a problem; we promise to listen to you and we will do our utmost to deal with it. Skeptics is for everyone and we hope that you will all help us to make it a friendly community.

See a nice video taken by the lovely people from the Guardian here:

"It’s loud, messy and disorganised—and very democratic." - The Economist

"Skeptics in the Pub is one of the great London institutions, where you can see really great people give funny and interesting talks to a room full of drunk nerds." - Ben Goldacre: Bad Science

"The crowd of 200 are not here for the football or a party. They are... a growing movement of rational thinkers who assemble each month to debate everything from conspiracy theories to homeopathy." - Time Out, London

"The basement resembles a drop-in centre for the ideologically disenfranchised and I fall in with a crowd of rowdy professors..." - The Metro

"Skeptics in the Pub in London, which recently met to discuss: "God: The Failed Hypothesis," ... need bigger rooms to accommodate those who find them." - The Washington Post

"Argumentative types – scientists, academics, IT consultants, librarians and a light seasoning of lawyers – crammed into a room above a pub, on a sticky summer evening, wouldn’t do it for most people’s blood pressure. On the other hand, if Big Brother is ruining your summer, you might prefer this." - LabLit

" I’d highly recommend getting along to one of these events." - Nature Networks

"[It] does not immediately sound like an enticing group of people. I immediately thought of drunken cantankerous middle-aged men arguing about religion over a warm pint of bitter. But how wrong was I? What a great bunch of friendly people!" - Prof Bruce Hood: SuperSense

The event was founded by Dr Scott Campbell in 1999, for everyone interested in the bizarre and in the rational approach to extraordinary claims. He ran the event until 2002. Nick Pullar took over until April 2007, then Sid Rodrigues, It is now organised by Dr Tessa Kendall with Carmen D'Cruz.  Many thanks to everyone who has helped us out in the past, including Matt Parker, Rebecca Watson, Norman Hansen, Mark Duwe, Tracy King - and a few generous others.

We've had a few homes so far and currently meet in a pub called The Millar in London Bridge. We have previously been at lots of lovely pubs in the past, lost but not forgotten... The Monarch in Camden, The Old King's Head in London Bridge, The Florenece Nightingale in Waterloo, and a few we try to forget. We look forward to seeing you there.