Here's an archive of all the reviews of past Skeptics events and reviews I could get my grubby mitts on.

Margaret McCartney at Skeptics in the Pub. Blogging the PhD (Occam's Typwriter) 7 April 2013
80 pints of discourse, please, barmanThe Sunday Times, 18 March 2011

Set out to gag the press and you might end up choking. The Independent. 3 April 2010

Skeptic North: Skeptics in a Pub. 19th February 2010.

Cake in Milk: Jon Ronson probably wasn’t Joan of Arc in a past life. 5 November 2009

Science Goes Pop Science So What!. 7 August 2009

Bruce Hood: Supersense "SuperSense" blog. 23 June 2009

London Social: Skeptics in the Pub "Time Out, London". 09 June 2009

Nick Davies: Flat Earth News  "Travels with my Teenager" blog. 22 February 2009

Nick Pope & Chris French: Skeptics vs. Believers "Hospital Porters Against the New World Order" blog. 09 December 2008

Neil Arnold: Beasts on the Loose "Travels with my Teenager" blog. 18 November 2008

Jon Ronson: Jon Pops in for a Chat "Travels with my Teenager" blog. 21 October 2008

Paul Taylor: Why Don't Creationists Just Shut Up "Skeptobot" blog. 14 October 2008

Ben Goldacre: Bad Science "The Metro" Jennifer Cox. 21 September 2008

Ben Goldacre: Bad Science "Travels with my Teenager" blog. 16 September 2008

Ben Goldacre: Bad Science "Hospital Porters Against the New World Order" blog. 16 September 2008

Doug Ellison: The Truth about Mars "Hospital Porters Against the New World Order" blog. 20 August 2008

Terry Sanderson: A World Religious Revival: Fact or Fiction? "Hospital Porters Against the New World Order" blog. 22 July 2008

Why Don't Creationist Just Shut Up? Londonist. 19 February 2008

A Sterling Example: James Randi "Swift" 19 October 2007

Krissy Wilson: Thanks for the Memories "NightHawk" blog. 3 February 2007

Martin Poulter: Scientology "NightHawk" blog. 25 August 2006

Steve Fuller: An Expert Witness for the Defense "LabLit". 30 July 2006

Dick Taverne: Sense About Science "Beware the Ambassadors of Science" letter by Damian Morris. 24 January 2006

Rupert Sheldrake: Skeptics: "Do You Come Here Often?" Rhodri Marsden's blog. 19 September 2003