Matt Brown

Monday, September 5 2016 at 7:30PM

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40-42 Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8BG

Matt Brown

What's the talk about?

Are the streets of London really paved with gold? Sadly not. But other myths about the capital sound more plausible and have a stubborn knack of persisting. A Union Flag over Buckingham Palace does not mean the Queen is at home. Nylon is not named after NY and London. Jack the Ripper's murders took place on fogless nights. If you thought that the Savoy was the only place in London where you must drive on the right, then you're wrong. If you think Guy Fawkes was executed for masterminding the Gunpowder Plot, then you're doubly wrong.


Matt Brown's new book Everything You Know About London Is Wrong reveals the truth behind dozens of stories about the capital. It's an antidote to the many alternative guidebooks that repeat the same old bits of trivia without ever checking the sources. In this talk, he'll turn a skeptical eye on a dozen of his favourite false facts.

Matt is Editor-at-Large of Londonist, a website about London and everything in it. He's been writing professionally about London for more than 10 years and has explored every nook and cranny - including trips down the sewers and onto the roofs of skyscrapers, and an all-night ghost watch in a supposedly haunted museum.