and other unlikely tales of critical thinking

 Stevyn Colgan

Monday, February 20 2012 at 7:30PM

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40-42 Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8BG

Stevyn Colgan

What's the talk about?

Stevyn Colgan is an author, illustrator and contributor to QI.

For 30 years he was a police officer in London and, from the start, he believed that the way the police tackles crime and disorder is missing a trick. The result was that he became a founding member of an experimental Scotland Yard department that used creative thinking and innovative business practices such as behavioural economics to drive down crime and make people feel safer. He is the author of "Joined-up Thinking", a play on the 'Six Degrees of Separation'.

This talk will tell the story of the unit, peppered with real examples of critical thinking where it went right (most of the time) and where things didn’t quite go to plan.